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Sakura Konjac Exfoliating Sponge

Using centuries-old traditions in Japan, this 100% natural multipurpose sponge, made from the root of the ancient Konjac plant and the Cherry Blossom flower, Sakura exfoliates, cleanses ,massages and removed make up from your skin.

BENEFIT - Exfoliates,Cleanses,Reduces acne
  • SKIN TYPE - Suitable for all types
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Japanese beauty works best as a ritual; add these other products and complete your routine.

Mildly exfoliates the skin and gives a smooth glow. The anti-inflammatory properties promote blood circulation and help you reduce blemishes, dark spots, acne, and pigmentation.

1. Soak the sponge for about 10 to 20 minutes (if it's your first time using it) to expand and soften.

2. Give it a squeeze to release excess water.

3.Gently scrub your face in circular motions with or without your cleanser.

4. Rinse thoroughly and air dry overnight for best results.

In Japan the use of Konjac and Sakura for exfoliating has stood many centuries. The local cultivation of these unique ingredients has been the natural way to do facecare in Japanese beauty. When combined, they act gently on your skin and have a healing effect – and more importantly they stay true to the Japanese philosophy of less is more.

100% Natural Konjac

Sakura extracts

Sakura Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
Sakura Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
Sakura Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
Sakura Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
Sakura Konjac Exfoliating Sponge
Paraben and Sulphate free
Vegan & Cruelty free
Clean beauty
Pregnancy safe
FDA and GMO Certified

Authentic Ingredients

Authentic Ingredients

  • Authentic Ingredients

    Made using Konjac root and Sakura extract. All ingredients used by Clay are of high grade quality and free of toxins and other nasties.

  • Vegan & Sustainable Packaging

    We use eco cushion which is an environmentally friendly paper wrap to secure products in packaging. Our products are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. And we are completely vegan. 

  • Traceable Sourcing 

    As a brand we believe the path to sustainability starts with accountability. Which is why each ingredient we source is completely traceable as per international sourcing standards.

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