ClayCo signifies a brand that brings ancient beauty rituals from across the world, in one platform. The best of rituals, that is soulful, mindful and holistic. Skincare that liberates you and invokes all your five senses.

We pride ourselves in our formulations that use a blend of timeless natural products and cutting edge modern technology.

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with a clean and caring skincare experience that brings long lasting results. Our formulas are free from toxins and delivers consistent results without causing any harm to your skin.

Our Purpose

We strive to change the concept of skincare from skin-deep to soul-deep.To bring powerful yet caring formulations that caters to your overall wellbeing.


The Power of Clay

Clay means earth, the soil which binds different countries and various cultures together.Clay is also comfort. It’s pure, raw and life bearing. At ClayCo we strive to form a unified platform for global rituals across the world which stands by the essence of clay.