Rituals of Japan

In Japanese culture, true beauty comes from within and reflects the poise and confidence that no product can buy. Our collection is mindful of the essential pillars of Japanese beauty: Minimal, Consistent, Long-Lasting, Soulful and Traditional Ingredients fused with Modern Science. Unlock the inner beauty that shines from within with ClayCo's 'Rituals of Japan' range.

Ancient wisdom. Modern science. 


Less is more. With only the highest-quality ingredients that enhance beauty from within, we focus on the few steps that give visible results.


Our high-quality ingredients keep your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day for lasting effects.


With just a few easy-to-follow steps in your skincare ritual, it’s convenient to stay consistent in your beauty regimen.

The 4 Step Mindful Ritual 

Step 1


When it comes to removing makeup and impurities, using an oil cleanser is a must. It protects the skin from harsh friction and is a traditional Japanese method for maintaining a healthy skin free of dirt and pollutants.

Step 2


In Japanese beauty, gentle exfoliation is the key. Powders are preferred over harsh abrasives or chemicals to remove any remains of the cleansing oil, revealing fresh, healthy and glowing skin

Step 3


Achieving plump and hydrated skin is of utmost importance. Using Skin Essence nourishes and balances skin, preparing it for optimal results in the next steps of the ritual.

Step 4


To end this minimal Japanese ritual, it's important to use a lightweight moisturizer that creates a protective layer on your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

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