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Rituals of Japan

Mochi-Mochi Hydrating Ritual

Suitable for all skin type

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Our Rituals of Japan range is inspired by the ancient beauty regimes of Japan that believe in healthy and nourished skin from within. Use of natural and traditional Japanese ingredients infused with modern technology that promises clean, conscious, and caring skincare.

'Mochi-Mochi' means baby soft skin, this ritual makes sure that your skin is hydrated and leaves you with soft plump skin. Drop the night gel from your AM ritual and you can use this ritual box for both the day and night regime.

The Ritual box consists of :
1. Advanced Beauty Serum with Silver flakes(Face, Hair, Body)
2. Sake Glass-Glow Essence
3. Rice and Sake Sleep Mask (PM only)
4. Tsubaki + Matcha Moisturiser with Vitamin C

Mochi-Mochi Hydrating Ritual
Paraben & Sulphate free
Vegan & Cruelty free
Clean beauty
FDA and GMO Certified

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

  • Authentic Ingredients

    Made using age old Japanese ingredients. All ingredients used by Clay are of high grade quality and free of toxins and other nasties.

  • Vegan & Sustainable Packaging

    We use eco cushion which is an environmentally friendly paper wrap to secure products in packaging. Our products are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. And we are completely vegan. 

  • Traceable Sourcing 

    As a brand we believe the path to sustainability starts with accountability. Which is why each ingredient we source is completely traceable as per international sourcing standards.

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